The Program




One of the only activities that stimulates and uses the entire brain is MUSIC and the program is structured to give students the ability to build concrete strategies for life-long success, not only in the Music World but in their personal life as well.

For example, Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.  Furthermore, Piano students can understand mathematical and scientific concepts more readily and performed 34% higher on tests measuring proportional reasoning-ratios, fractions, proportions and thinking in space and time.

Many students of this program can attest to it being life-changing and in some cases a stabilizing and positive force for them.

MAKING THE BAND CENTRAL  is a program designed to teach kids of all ages and adults what it’s like to play in a Band or Solo Artist settings.

The 7 month program starts in November of each year and runs until the Making the Band Central Music Festival in June.


In that time period, each Band or Solo Artist names their own group, writes original songs and each member picks a cover song to perform at the Festival. Each Band and Solo Artist gets to record a two song demo. 

At the Music Festival they perform an hour set showcasing their talent and sound onstage. Everyone will sign autographs after the performances, have VIP passes and have the opportunity to sell their vinyl stickers and CD’s.

A main highlight of the year for the last 5 years is the local Christmas Parade and they even placed in the last 2 years!

Throughout the year the Musicians are encouraged to gather together to continue honing their talents, write songs, and participate in Pop-up Events that support local artists.